Decoration works of Shunze Yuekang Haidian Health Management Center commence

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At 12:18 AM August 22, 2017, the interior and exterior decoration works of Haidian Health Management Center under Beijing Shunze Yuekang Haidian Management Center (Shunze Yuekang) commenced. All staff of Shunze Yuekang, heads of the Property Company and persons in charge of construction attended the commencement ceremony. Luo Lili, Assistant President of Huaxia Shunze Investment Group (HXSZ Investment) and General Manager of Shunze Yuekang, delivered a speech and rapped the commencing hammer.

Located in Jiahao International Center, Western Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing, next to the rippling Kunyu River, only 100 meters away from Chedaogou Subway Station, Shunze Yuekang Haidian Health Management Center enjoys convenient transportation. With a floor area of some 1,000 square meters, the center has the Department of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, the Health Management Center, the Tele & Overseas Medical Center and other departments. With advanced medical devices of world top brands, the center is engaged in basic medicine, telemedicine, health management, geriatric rehabilitation and other businesses.

Shunze Yuekang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HXSZ Investment, focuses on medicine and health management. Shunze Yuekang has established China's first online overseas medical service platform-"Sino-US Health Management Center", and introduced world leading customized health management business focusing on precision medicine and functional medicine at the end of last year. The opening of the center marks a key step of Shunze Yuekang from online operation to online-offline operation, and lays a solid foundation for the team building and rapid development of the company.

Shunze Yuekang will forge towards the country from the side of the Kunyu River!

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