Municipal auxiliary works of Miaofeng Yuerong International Health & Tourism Resort break ground

点击量:529   Published:2017-08-16

幸运快三官网 At 10:00 AM August 16, 2017, supported by the Mentougou District People's Government and other governments at all levels, the groundbreaking ceremony of the municipal auxiliary works of Miaofeng Yuerong International Health & Tourism Resort (Miaofeng Danli Leisure Culture Tourism Industry Park), one of Mentougou's eight key scenic projects and a core project in Mentougou's valley economy, was held. The works involve water and landscape environment construction around the project, will address the specific problems of electricity and water supply, sewage treatment and mountain safety, and are expected to be competed in 2017 in support of project construction and operation.

As a key project of HXSZ Group from 2017 to 2018, Miaofeng Yuerong will enhance the service function of western Beijing's Great West Mountain Tourism Belt, promote the integrated development of scenic areas, valleys and villages, and speed up the construction of a "livable, commerce-friendly and tourist-friendly" modern ecological new district.

Let's look forward to the unfolding of a beautiful landscape painting in western Beijing!


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