HXSZ Investment Hainan organizes outreach event themed "Efficient Cohesion, Successful Growth"

点击量:504   Published:2017-06-27

幸运快三官网 HXSZ Investment Hainan organized an outreach event themed "Efficient Cohesion, Successful Growth". The event ran for two days and one night from June 24 to 25, 2017.

Sited in Bulongsai Rural Cultural Tourism Resort, Baoting, the event made the participants approach and feel nature, boosted their confidence and love for life, and made them better face future work and life, thus perfecting themselves. Guided and driven by the coaches, the participants took active part in all activities. The interesting activities aroused the participants' enthusiasm and created a lively atmosphere.

This event effectively tapped the potential of corporate staff, aroused the team's work enthusiasm and impetus for struggle and innovation, made the team more united, made us understand "there are no perfect individuals but only perfect teams, and unity is strength", and made all staff aware of the importance of communication and coordination. All staff of HXSZ Investment Hainan will work with greater enthusiasm and the positive attitude they held in the event, to contribute to the new success of HXSZ Investment!

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