Health Company Beijing Health Management Center to go into operation

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幸运快三官网 Health Company Beijing Haidian Health Management Center has introduced "Shunze Yuekang Health Management Center" and "Yuekang Sino-US Health Management Center", to provide all-round services such as Chinese-Western therapy, health management, overseas medical service, domestic and foreign expert consultation, and referral to renowned domestic upper first-class hospitals.

幸运快三官网 With world leading theories of functional medicine and precision medicine as core, Shunze Yuekang Health Management Center has engaged functional medical experts, and worked with domestic and foreign medical laboratories to build a closed-loop health management system of "customized physical examination-genetic detection-functional medical examination-functional medical intervention-private doctor team service", to offer members the most considerate health services. The center mainly introduces leading technologies in fields such as serious disease prevention, chronic disease intervention, anti-aging and dysplasia, and works hard for healthy China.

Based on medical resources under HXSZ Investment Group, Yuekang Sino-US Health Management Center has worked with 16 world-renowned medical institutions including New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, to preferentially develop closed-loop international medical services including "international medical second opinion, overseas referral assessment, international referral service and post-return referral service". Through the international medical expert team of Shunze Yuekang, the center provides all-round services such as international physical examination, advanced vaccination, pre-referral assessment and insurance application, international referral assistance, overseas drug consultation and post-return follow-up treatment. Through the online platform-"Sino-US Health Management Center" (, the center offers those in need convenient privacy-protecting channels with professional services and transparent processes.

We sincerely provide successful people with lifecycle health services through outstanding and professional medical services, as well as tight and reliable privacy protection, to prolong your life and ensure your health!


Multifunctional remote control room

Consulting room

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