Congratulations on the Completion of the Third-stage of Cuiping Bay Construction Project

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Thanks to the day and night's hard work on the delicate construction, the third-stage of Cuiping Bay construction project was finished successfully, which will usher the celebration of completion of the housing that the guests is longing for.

Delicate Construction and Forged Excellent Quality Forged by Powerful Team

The residential districts built by the company has won a number of awards, including national Luban Prize, Zhan Tianyou Outstanding Community, Gold Award of Great Wall Cup and so on.

幸运快三官网 The excellent general contractor team is the quality assurance of Shunze Cuiping Bay .Thanks to the excellent gene of the construction, the essence of pure slab-type apartment building design of Cuiping Bay has been returned to its original state. All the construction details are subject to strict process control, making Cuiping Bay as always produce the delicate dwellings with excellent quality.The stuff of Shunze always have full confidence to accept the most critical inspect of the customers !

Upgraded Gorgeous Gardens Designed by Inventive Mind

The comfort of home depends on not only the critical design and scrutiny of the apartment layout but also the design of the public gardens, which is the icing on the cake.Shunze Real Estate Development Company, together with Palm Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd., a listed enterprise with first level certificate of landscape architecture, delicately forges Southeast Asian style gardens. The open space is garnished with green gardens, and all of this aims to create a home in the gardens and a poetic life for you, so as to enjoy your leisure life!

Excellence is the tireless pursuit of Shunze stuff.On the basis of the gardens of the second stage of the project, Shunze continues to hammer out the details, regardless of the cost for the upgrading of the product, and presents for the customers the remarkably beautiful landscape.

Major Living Community for Turists is Showing up, Completion is Around the Corner

So far, Shunze Cuiping Bay has been rooted in Qionghai more than 6 years since the construction was started.After 6 years' hard work, Cuiping Bay has evolved into today's livable dwelling community from a noisy construction site and has changed into a life care park community of over 2,000 home owners from the desolate pastorate field.  Shunze stuff have been devoted to building "the ideal country" for people to live as a second living place during their trip.

幸运快三官网 With the promotion of the project development, currently the fourth stage of the project has entered into the last stage of construction. The community is getting perfect and taking shape day by day. A great riverside mansion where you can have a good view of the river as well as the amazing scenery is taking off.

At present, Shunze Cuiping Bay whose sales ranks first in Qionghai, is a leading life care urban resort property along Wanquan River.

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