Pottery DIY | The Garden City of Sunshine to Host a Feast of Childhood Pottery this Weekend

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My friends

do you still remember the Halloween masks we made last week?

The big-eyed alien creatures, the ferocious animals, real funny...

Our children used their extraordinary imagination to paint on white masks

and turn themselves into various Halloween devils.

It was really interesting. You must want to have another party like this!!

幸运快三官网 Don’t worry! Another party will be held at the Shunze Garden City of Sunshine.

The joy of pottery.

An interesting pottery DIY feast for parents and children is coming.

幸运快三官网 Come to the Shunze Garden City of Sunshine this week

and play with pottery with your child.

Professional pottery teachers will be invited to guide you.

Here, you can bring out your full imagination

and fashion everything with pottery.

Come and make a great work of art with your own hands.

You can express your inner feelings

by your own fingers.

You touch the soft and wet pottery with your warm hands

幸运快三官网 and spin it slowly to grow it higher and higher.

The pottery seems to be brought to life and becomes what you want.

Time: Nov. 4, 2018

Venue: Exhibition Center of the Shunze Garden City of Sunshine

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