Learning from Foreign Science Parks- One-north Science City of Singapore

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幸运快三官网 Formerly known as Buona Vista Science Hub, One-north was named for its location in 1 degree north latitude. Seated at the suburbs with completed networks of highways and railways, the city focuses on industries including medicines, information and media. In 2000, Singapore government launched a project to build a dynamic community which integrates work, education, living and leisure as part of the effort to promote the development of knowledge-intensive industries. Therefore, One-north was built. With a total planned investment of SGD15 billion, the 200-hectare city started construction in 2001 and was aimed to be completed in 15 to 20 years.

Figure 1: Location of One-north Science City

幸运快三官网 Situated at the central reclamation area of Singapore, One-north is 20 minutes’ drive from city center, 15 minutes’ drive from port, 45 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from CBD. Developed by JTC Corporation, the city is equipped with 2 metro lines and 3 metro stations and surrounded by Holland Village, science and technology parks, National University of Singapore (NUS) and National University Hospital.

Designed to be a science and technology park, One-north has gradually grown into a creative park to support the country’s transformation into a knowledge-based society, and implement government’s 21st Century Science and Technology Entrepreneur Project.

幸运快三官网 During the construction, the function of each plot is determined before it is open to public bidding. As partners, successful bidders will take part in the construction work by renting the plot with a tenancy of 60 to 99 years, and should pay the price premium, goods and services tax, and stamp tax for the land.

The overall development of One-north is driven by its dominant industries. The first phase of the construction started from life science area and information and communications area. As enterprises moved in, the second phase began. Residential area was largely kept by carrying out necessary renovations and media area were constructed. As the comprehensive value of the city was improved, the third phase began. Commercial street and enterprise training and development area were built. The city is equipped with multiple functions with 24% of the land for residential use, 12% for commercial and other mixed use, and 13% for industrial use.

Figure 2: Layout of One-north

Figure 3: Location of One-north

Figure 4: Environmental protection concept and technologies in One-north

The incubator of One-north has its own characteristics. Drawing on the resources from the NUS, One-north worked with NUS Enterprise to develop a technology center in the science park. The center is designed to be an innovative eco system made up of growth-oriented enterprises, large scale enterprises, technology accelerators, and academic partners and institutions. As an incubator of One-north, the center aims to grow into an international entrepreneur community for science and technology.

Figure 5: Main functions of One-north incubator

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