"Forge ahead and let go of your dreams"-Outward Training Tour of HXSZ Investment (Shenzhen & Huizhou) Company in Nan'ao Island

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幸运快三官网 In order to enrich employees' lives, cultivate their sentiment, enhance their teamwork awareness, and stimulate greater passion for work, recently, HXSZ Investment (Shenzhen & Huizhou) Company organized outward training event, and the personnel under various projects of the company participated in the event.

The continuous rain on the day of the event did not stop the enthusiasm of the entire team. Everyone entered the training camp to receive the training under the leadership of the instructor. After a short adjustment and change of clothes, the participants started training without break. In order to enhance the training effect, the event adopted highly confrontational items, and the participants were divided into four teams for fierce competition. During the event, the four teams vied with each other and strove to be the first. The winning team cheered up merrily, and the other teams would congratulate them and also find out the reasons for their lagging behind, and strove to lead in the next item. On the training ground, slogans and cheers came one after another, constantly pushing the atmosphere of the event to the peak. Working together, the teams completed the training items such as Icebreaker, Trackless Trains, Passing of Ball, Fetching Water in Polar Region, and Battlefield. All the participants got fully engaged and faced up to difficulties and challenges through mutual trust and teamwork. At the beach barbecue and bonfire party in the evening, the participants gathered together to share their experience and joy of the event while enjoying the rich entertainment activities.

幸运快三官网 The employees were deeply impressed by the outward training and drew the following lessons from the event. Firstly, the importance of the team. Without the cooperation and joint efforts of every member of the team, none of the goals can be achieved; secondly, go beyond yourself. Faced with the difficulties, it is necessary to overcome oneself and let go of your greatest potential in order to win; thirdly, the key role of team communication. Brainstorming ultimately gets us through to the victory. After leaving the training field and coming back to our familiar working environment, we believe that as long as we rely on our team, trust and help each other and deal with every job in the same way as we dealt with every challenge in the training, there will be no difficulty or problem that can't be overcome, and we will finally achieve our goals!


Fetching Water in Polar Region

Passing of Ball

幸运快三官网 Battlefield

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