Climb Peaks for Team Building-HXSZ (Shenhui) Made Health Tour to Mount Luofu

点击量:438   Published:2018-07-02

In June when living thing prosper and flowers blossom, and when the world is full of energy and hope, HuaxiaShunze Industrial Holding Shenhui organized all its staff to visit Mount Luofu Scenic Area in Huizhou for team building. Entitled Health Tour to Mount Luofu, the activity is designed for the employees to get out of the busy work and enjoy the relaxation and ease brought by the AAAAA-level scenic area in China.

The activity was kicked off at 08:00 on the morning of June 30. All employees took the bus to Mount Luofu Scenic Area in Huizhou. The activity was divided into two parts, visit to Hasitate Town and tour to Mount Luofu scenic area. Buildings in Hasitata Town are exotic and exquisite; the Mount Luofu is covered by green trees and immersed in the singing of birds, revealing the unique tranquility of Taoism holy place in summer days. In the activity, all employees, carrying the youthful energy, laughed happily in the fascinating Mount Luofu, adding poetic and dynamic sense to it. Two hours later, all the employees climbed to the peak, viewing the peak scenery joyfully. The activity was completed in the pleasant, easy and harmonious atmosphere.

The team-building activity drove away the fatigue of work and drew closer the employees, thus enhancing their team spirit and cohesion. In this way, the employees are encouraged to create greater splendor in their posts in the best state of work.

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