Governor of Longgang District, Shenzhen Inspects and Guides the Safety Management of the Nanyue Project

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Dai Bin, governor of Longgang District, Shenzhen, together with leaders from related government departments such as the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, the Planning and Land Resources Administration, the Quality Inspection Station, the Safety Inspection Station and the Sub-district Office, carried out a surprise inspection on the project of Shunze Garden City of Sunshine at 3:30 p.m. on May 5, 2018. Governor Dai Bin and the leaders from relevant departments recognized the safety management of the Nanyue Project and highly acclaimed the safety hazard detection and early warning mechanism, edge protection, dust disposal, power safety and civilized construction of the construction site.

Cheng Xi’an, chief engineer of Shenhui Company, briefed the leaders on the project and the safe and civilized construction.

Considering that the project of Shunze Garden City of Sunshine is at the stage of deep excavation and earth excavation and discharge, Governor Dai Bin and the leaders made important instructions on the safety of this project:

1. To further strengthen the implementation of the main responsibilities of the enterprise; and strictly implement the safety construction responsibility system at three levels of building, construction and supervision from the enterprise to the project team.

幸运快三官网 2. To further strengthen the safety management and control of the dangerous and large project; require the building and construction companies to carry out construction work in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements; and strictly formulate, review, disclose and implement relevant plans and inspect relevant procedures.

幸运快三官网 3. To strengthen safety training and education for the employees; require new workers to carry out safety disclosure before entering the site and those for special operations to do this every day; strengthen safety inspection, supervise whole-process side station and stop any illegal operation in a timely manner during the construction process.

幸运快三官网 Zhao Yusheng, manager of the project construction department, said that they would continue to strengthen the safety management of the construction site, detect hidden safety hazards, patrol the site every day, and immediately handle any hidden hazard once discovered, carry out safety inspections weekly and irregularly, and strictly implement work instructions issued by the government security supervision station and other related departments. He also thanked the district governor for his instructions and guidance for the safety management of the Nanyue Project

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