The Seminar for the First Resident Enterprises in XNA Zhongguancun Science Park Took Place at OriginWater Building

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幸运快三官网 Beijing, Apr. 19 (Xinhua) – On April 16, a team including Fu Shouqing, Member of XNA Preparatory Committee and Temporary Party Committee and Vice Director of XNA Administrative Committee, Sun Jiwei, Vice Head of Reform and Development Bureau under XNA Administrative Committee, Chen Xing, Researcher at Industrial Development Promotion Division of ZSP Administrative Committee, made investigation on Beijing-based OriginWater Building. Concurrently, “Seminar for the First Resident Enterprises in XNA Zhongguancun Science Park” took place at OriginWater Building.

The 12 Zhongguancun-residing enterprises such as OriginWater attended the seminar held by Fu Shouqing. On the occasion, ideas and plans about their engagement in building and developing Xiong’an New Area (XNA) were hotly discussed.

As far back as December 29, 2017, XNA Administrative Committee and ZSP Administrative Committee officially signed the agreement to jointly build the Zhongguancun Science Park (ZSP) in Xiong’an New Area. In particular, the following 12 environment-friendly, energy-saving, smart-city service enterprises were arranged to jointly sign the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with XNA: OriginWater, Oriental Landscape, Oriental Yuhong, Glodon, SDL Technology, SPC Environment Protection Tech, Shenwu Technology, Career International, Xiaoju Technology, Kingsoft, Shouhang Resources Saving and EyeCool Technology. According to the cooperation agreement, these enterprises would reside in Zhongguancun Science Park to support and serve XNA’s growing into a futuristic city area that is green, modern, smart and world-famous.

幸运快三官网 At the seminar, Sun Jiwei introduced ZSP’s progress. Since both sides signed the agreement, their committees have been in close touch for top-down design and excellent cooperation, jointly boosting the science park’s progress. At the same time, the 12 enterprises were registered by tapping into XNA’s public service function.

Next, Leading Work Group and Office will be established for accelerating the development of XNA Zhongguancun Science Park. Specific measures like innovating the administrative system, making industrial and spatial plans, erecting supply-demand platforms, establishing Zhongguancun Science Industry Base, setting up Xiong’an ZSP Enterprise Service Center will be taken.

As a representative of the first enterprise speaking, Wen Jianping stated OriginWater has two boasts in terms of wastewater treatment—membrane bioreactor (MBR) and double-membrane new water source technology. The former could purify municipal wastewater to Class IV, which tackles water pollution and utilizes wastewater at once while the latter could turn municipal wastewater into new water source by use of superpurification. Consequently, OriginWater not only has its strength and responsibility in this regard. More specifically, it will make every effort to improve XNA’s water eco-environment and tackle Baiyangdian’s eco-pollution. Besides, the safety of XNA’s drinking water will be guaranteed.

Moreover, Wen Jianping said at present, OriginWater has established a subsidiary called Xiong'an OriginWater Shunze Technology Co., Ltd. and initiated the first wastewater resource utilization pilot project in Xiongxian County. It’s expected in the future, OriginWater’s core water treatment technology will be further promoted or applied in China and beyond as guided by XNA. In this way, OriginWater will make its contributions to the nation’s eco-environment progress.

Having received those 12 enterprises’ reports, Fu Shouqing stated that Hebei-based XNA is another new area of national importance following Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai’s Pudong New Area.

XNA boasts two main functions—non-capital functional dispersal and innovation development piloting. It will try hard to become ideal for living, open to all and develop in a coordinated manner as driven by innovation.

幸运快三官网 On February 22, XNA briefed the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on its overall planning and the committee, in turn, proposed new requirements for XNA’s development. The committee hoped XNA to plan Digital City and build Smart Area at once. XNA should uphold Eco First and Green Growth to set a good example.

XNA should build a list of state innovation platforms as arranged by the state to drive itself ahead by innovation. Also, the area should attach utmost importance to “quality” so as to blossom out into a paragon of high-quality development.

幸运快三官网 The area should explore a new pattern for developing this region with great population- economy density, and restructure the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban layout. A world-class city cluster would then take shape with quickened pace. Since its birth one year ago, XNA has made preparations in an all-around manner, with every inch of the land being subject to a clear-cut plan or programme. In brief, the blueprint should contain all details about all aspects of the area.

幸运快三官网 XNA’s industrial planning should meet several requirements: “World Vision, International Standard, Chinese Characteristics, High Orientation and more.” With these in mind, the area would uphold Eco First and Green Growth by tremendously developing high-end and high-tech industries. It’s obvious that those resident enterprises at ZSP will hold the key to building and operating the area and making it a highland of innovation.

Xiong’an New Area is always happy to see the coming of hi-tech enterprises at the science park. So, it will continuously attract any and all enterprises developing in line with the area’s orientations. Beyond that, medical service, housing and children education would be provided to put the mind of every resident enterprise’s employee at ease.

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