HXSZ Construction Signed Agreement with Sunshine Insurance

点击量:690   Published:2017-10-31

幸运快三官网 Days ago, HXSZ Construction Development Co., Ltd. signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Sunshine Harmony Aged Care (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is the subsidiary wholly-owned by Sunshine Insurance Group. Sunshine Harmony Aged Care has great competency of managing, operating and investing in life science, regimen holiday, health and aged care, etc.

By signing the agreement, the two parties have established partnership while providing each other with long-term support. They will mainly cooperate on a few projects invested by HXSZ Group, such as the Financial & Innovative Town in sub-center of Beijing, Mount Luofu Life Science Town in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and Health & Regimen Holiday Resort on the international island of Hainan, etc.

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