Shunze Garden City of Sunshine Officially Starts Construction

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On October 8, 2017, Shunze Garden City of Sunshine of Shenzhen branch of the Group officially started construction.

幸运快三官网 The project is located in Baohao Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen (Metro Line 14 Nanyue Station), boasts school district resources, and is belong to the excellent community which is near a metro station.

Located in the core portal image area of Shenzhen East - Longgang Nanyue; it has the most abundant ecological resources with lake view, mountain view, and golf scene mixing together. With an increasingly mature business package, Baohe CLD will undoubtedly become the next Xiangmihu CLD, an ideal modern urban residence for the white-collar.

幸运快三官网 The living space here is well-organized. The unique house type in Shunze Garden City of Sunshine is the 50-90 square meters fine apartment, which offers the elite with different tastes different choices of spatial scales. Two-lifts-five-households arrangement and humanist design of "dynamic and static partition, wet and dry partition", the main house type is 70 square meters two-bedrooms with living room and dining room. It is designed for the white-collar who pursue the quality of life and has cultural tastes and aesthetic value and fully meets modern people’s idea of seeking perfection.

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