Eco-friendly Financial Town to be Built East of Beijing

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The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement for the construction of the eco-friendly financial town between the group company and the People’s Government of Sanhe City was held recently. Representatives from the four leadership groups of the city including Han Zhanshan, Liu Lianjie, Wang Fenghai, Meng Jianzheng and Zhang Xiaoming, as well as Chairman Shao Chunwei and President Zang Haihong, etc. attended the ceremony.

幸运快三官网 Han Zhanshan, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Langfang Committee and Secretary of the CPC Sanhe Committee addressed the ceremony. He said that the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement on the construction of the financial town between the city and Beijing Huaxia Shunze Investment Group is a great gratification for the city’s construction of characteristic towns. This signing ceremony symbolizes that the city’s strategic layout of characteristic towns has been fundamentally completed and the curtain for the construction has been raised.

According to Han Zhanshan, enterprises are the main force for the construction of characteristic towns and the promotion of new-type urbanization. Our city’s decision to build the financial town will surely have important and profound influence on the construction of modern agriculture, growth of the financial industry and the development of the recreation and tourism industry. He hope that project organizers actively communicate with relevant parties and, in combination with the development planning and existing policy systems of the city, according to the principle of giving priority to infrastructure, modern agriculture and the construction of settlement houses for farmers, highlight characteristics of the project, prepare detailed planning of construction as soon as possible and effectively coordinate various early-stage tasks to sign formal agreements as soon as possible so as to lay a solid foundation for the early settlement of the project. Relevant townships and villages and departments should make positive efforts and provide prompt services to actively help solving difficulties and problems during the construction of the project, provide the best services with the project organizers so as to promote the early construction of the project.

Liu Lianjie, Major of Sanhe City presided over the signing ceremony.

Chairman Shao Chunwei of Huaxia Shunze Investment Group addressed at the ceremony and expressed the confident and resolution to build a successful characteristic town for the benefit of the people of Sanhe. He also said that Sanhe enjoys unique geographic and industrial advantages as a core zone for the harmonious development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, so we will efficiently plan and build the financial town to make it a model for the construction of characteristics with outstanding features, high-end industry, good environment and benefitted people.

Wang Fenghai, Vice Secretary of the CPC Sanhe Committee, on behalf of the Steering Group for the Construction of Characteristic Town for the Development of Beautiful Village Tourism, signed the agreement together with Chairman Shao Chunwei of Huaxia Shunze Investment Group.

Members of the leadership of the company Zhao Xiaotao, Zhou Ming and Luo Lili also attended the ceremony.


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