Miaofeng Banyan Tree project signed a cooperative agreement

点击量:1320   Published:2016-06-10

On May 30, 2016, Beijing Huaxia Sunshine Healthcare Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Mentougou District in Beijing.

According to the strategic goal of ‘Building a ecological-friendly industry system driven by travelling cultural and entertainment industry’, and on the basis of ‘One central task, two rivers, and three regions’, this district promotes the industry restructuring, guides high-end industry and strengthens the regional function of developing travelling cultural and entertainment industry. Miaofeng Banyan Tree International Regimen & Tourism Resort is situated at the Miaofeng Mountain. It is important to the upgrading, branding and modeling of tourism and life-preserving industry in the Miaofeng Mountain region. 

With the design concept of ‘mountains and water alongside,  flowers blossoming around’, Miaofeng Banyan Tree International Regimen & Tourism Resort will integrate natural resources with cultural resources, introduce the international leading counseling, designing, managing companies and provide international-standard recreational life, health experiences and architectural arts. Definitely it will become a high-end travelling and vacationing project of modeling and landmark effects. 

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