Leaders of Haidian District inspected the Group

点击量:1812   Published:2016-02-18

On February 16, 2016, Deputy District Mayor of Haidian, Gao Niandong and his team came to the Group and listened to the introduction, the planning for development and plan of building headquarters in Dongsheng Technology Park of Haidian District. 

After listening to the plan of ‘Health, Finance and Science’ by Beijing Huaxia Shunze Investment Group, Mr Gao mentioned that Haidian District is a core district of Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area in Zhongguancun. There are numerous science research institutes and famous universities in the district, which is a good place for innovative enterprises to develop. Dongsheng Technology Park has already established a range of complete system of platform service. The core value and planning of Huaxia Shunze Investment Group conform to the industry requirement of Haidian District and Dongsheng Technology Park. We welcome enterprises to land and develop in Dongsheng Technology Park to promote the partnership jointly.

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