Boluo's leaders visit PKUCare Industrial Park

点击量:177   Published:2019-05-21

On May 21, 2019, Chen Guohuang, Secretary of the CPC Boluo County Committee; Zheng Zhanji, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Boluo County Committee and Li Ping, Deputy Head of Boluo County visited PKUCare Industrial Park.

The delegation visited the showroom and enterprises in the park, exchanging ideas with General Manager Li Haisheng and Vice General Manager Li Baowei of PKUCare Industrial Park; Shao Chunwei, Chairman of HXSZ Investment and Chen Fengyang, Chairman of HXSZ Assets Holdings Co., Ltd. on the planning and layout of Luofushan's broad health industry, the layout and development plan of PKUCare Industrial Park, as well as the development plan and next-step arrangement for the project of Luofushan Life Science City. The two sides reached important consensus and an agreement on the cooperation plan.

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