HXSZ Investment 2019 Work Conference & Assessment Contract Signing Ceremony held

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幸运快三官网 On January 19, HXSZ Investment 2019 Work Conference & Assessment Contract Signing Ceremony took place in Beijing. Present were group leaders, general managers and vice general managers of HSXZ Investment's subsidiaries, heads of headquarters departments and heads of holding companies.

At the work conference, Shao Chunwei, Chairman of HXSZ Investment reviewed the group's work in 2018, arranged the work of the headquarters, Property Holding and Gaoke Holding for 2019 under the theme of "leap and change", and required that all employees should be loyal, responsible and full of dreams, transcend themselves and make persistent efforts to achieve the group's strategic goals in 2019 and the coming three years.

幸运快三官网 Zang Haihong, President of HXSZ Investment; Luo Lili, Vice President of HXSZ Investment and Wang Fang, Manager of the Audit & Legal Department of HXSZ Investment interpreted the group's financial management, personnel management and audit & legal systems for 2019. Chen Fengyang, Chairman of Property Holding; Wu Wei, CEO of Property Holding and Yang Yi, COO of Gaoke Holding reported their key work for 2019 and goals in the coming three years.

At last, Shao signed letters of business target management responsibility for 2019 with the chairmen, CEOs and COOs of the holding companies, boosting the attendees' determination and confidence to accomplish their missions!

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