HXSZ Investment co-organizes China Board Secretaries 100 Forum, initiates Business School of China Board Secretaries 100

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幸运快三官网 On January 11, 2019, "Ping An · Listed Company" New Year Symposium & China Board Secretaries 100 Forum, co-organized by HXSZ Investment Group (HXSZ Investment), took place in Beijing. Present were more than 100 board secretaries of listed companies, senior executives of Ping An Bank and Ping An Securities, as well as news media including China Business Network. Six senior executives of HXSZ Investment, including Chen Fengyang, Executive Director of HXSZ Investment; Luo Lili, Vice President of HXSZ Investment; and Yang Yi, COO of HXSZ Gaoke Holdings attended the conference.

At the conference, HXSZ Investment and China Board Secretaries 100 jointly issued an initiative on establishing "Business Schools of China Board Secretaries 100". Located in the Phase 1 site of Finance and Technology City in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the school aims to serve the needs of board secretaries of listed companies for exchange and further improvement, and create a learning and practice platform for young aspirants to be board secretaries. Yang delivered a speech on behalf of HXSZ Investment. She said that HXSZ Investment would join hands with China Board Secretaries 100 to build the school into a high-end business school with perfect hardware and first-class software.

幸运快三官网 Founded in January 2018, China Board Secretaries 100 currently has nearly 600 members. It aims to bring together outstanding board secretaries with common ideals and business goals, and create a platform and build consensus with the concept of "discussion, co-building, sharing". Through business and academic exchanges and public welfare activities, with the goal of improving the professional competence of board secretaries, promoting the career development of board secretaries, and improving the governance and standardized operation of listed companies, it will promote the permanent, stable and sound development of the Chinese capital market and contribute to the economic, social and humanistic development of China.

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