HXSZ East China opens

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幸运快三官网 On December 12, 2018, Shanghai cleared up again after days of rain and snow. The opening ceremony of HXSZ East China Regional Company (HXSZ East China) was held after its entry into Wantong Center, Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District today. Present were Chairman Shao Chunwei, President Zang Haihong and Vice President Wu Wei of HXSZ Investment; Gao Yashan, General Manager of HXSZ East China; as well as heads and staff of relevant business departments of HXSZ Investment. They witnessed the exciting moment of the opening of the company.

幸运快三官网 As fireworks were set off at 12:12 AM December 12, Shao, Zang, Wu and Gao jointly cut the red ribbon implying business prosperity. All the guests present applauded to send sincere wishes for HXSZ East China. The joyful atmosphere climaxed when Shao popped a bottle of champagne.

幸运快三官网 Following the brief but solemn ribbon cutting ceremony, Shao convened a brief meeting with the participation of HXSZ East China's staff. At the meeting, Shao made clear HXSZ Investment's strategic goal of developing in Shanghai and Jiangsu, raised specific requirements for the company's team building and development, and expected the company to yield fruit in Shanghai's core areas and Suzhou's strategic areas.

The opening of HXSZ East China marks a new leap of HXSZ Investment. It is believed that HXSZ East China will achieve desired results in the near future.

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