SANHE Convened Meeting to Push forward Featured Town Project in Collaboration with MCC and HXSZ

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On the afternoon of the 27th, Sanhe City convened the meeting to facilitate Featured Town project in collaboration with MCC and HXSZ, listening to their reports on the project progress, listing and solving problems met by them, and allocating tasks for the next-step work. The meeting was attended by Sanhe municipal leaders including Han Zhanshan, Wang Fenghai and Liu Yue.

Han Zhanshan, the Executive Member of Langfang City and Party Secretary of Sanhe City chaired and addressed the meeting, saying the town building should be based on Guiding Opinions about Promoting Development of Featured Town, which was released by the leadership of the featured town. At the same time, they should make master plan, implement the plan details one by one and make sure not to build industry or real estate project in the town.

Han Zhanshan required: first, improve the planning. The Sanhe Planning Bureau is required to act quickly and include the featured town plans of MCC, HXSZ, Daisy and Changfengyuan. At the same time, Qixinzhuang Town and Huangtuzhuang Town are required to build contact with their original planners so as to include the featured town planning of these two groups into the master plan of these towns. Second, make the task-division and progress chart. The two groups, based on their respective plans, should make the detailed plan of featured town development by working out the task-division and progress chart, detailing the tasks for the week and month, allocating work to companies and departments, setting the timetable, the supporting departments in the municipal government of Sanhe and their duties. Third, the departments should work in concerted efforts. For the questions raised by MCC and HXSZ, the departments should take their responsibilities. Each department should designate one deputy director to supervise the supportive efforts, e.g., providing basic information and materials, policy consultancy, project application, project approval, company registration and land supply, etc. They should do painstaking and practical work to ensure the results are achieved.

Mr. Han Zhanshan emphasized that featured down building is a systematic job. The towns and departments should give sufficient emphasis, be cooperative and facilitate the progress to make sure the featured town is built as soon as possible.

At the meeting, principals of MCC and HXSZ reported on the progress made in MCC Aviation & Agriculture Featured Town, and Finance & Technology Town, the problems needing to be solved and the next-step work. The relevant departments replied to these questions raised by MCC and HXSZ.

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