HXSZ Industrial Holding (Sanhe) Company participates in CAPF 2018

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On September 26, 2018, the 22nd China (Langfang) Agricultural Product Fair opened with the Signing Ceremony of Hebei's Agricultural Projects in 2018. At the fair, 34 projects were signed with a total contract amount of 33.12 billion yuan, laying a solid foundation for Hebei to further strengthen agricultural cooperation.

The International Modern Agricultural Technology Center, jointly constructed by HXSZ Industrial Holding (Sanhe) Company (Sanhe HXSZ New Rural Development Co., Ltd.) and the People's Government of Gaolou Town, Sanhe, has drawn great attention from provincial and municipal leaders at all levels as one of Langfang's 9 key agricultural projects. With an estimated total investment of 1 billion yuan, based on corporate resources and strength, the center will advance cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign research institutes and service agencies, build world-class platforms for agricultural technology R&D, innovation incubation, agricultural big data development, agricultural finance and service, pilot test center and experiment, establish a world-class agricultural technology and equity exchange center, and create a world-class agricultural technology transformation center.

After its completion, the project will create more than 2,000 jobs to effectively address the problem of local farmer employment. Through the introduction and implementation of technology projects, it will yield high agricultural return and create a large efficient planting base for local agricultural technology enterprises.

Concurrently Hebei has introduced renowned domestic and foreign institutions and companies like University of Utab in Rwanda, Everbright Ashmore (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Sanhe Yingsheng Bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd., to effectively undertake the spillover of Beijing's non-capital functions and jointly advance rural revitalization. As a key enterprise, we will broaden international vision, shoulder the corporate social responsibility of supporting Hebei in the supply-side structural reform at the height of local social development, and make outstanding contributions to the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, as well as the urban-rural integration and rural revitalization of Sanhe.

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