HXSZ Investment 2018 Semiannual Conference held

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幸运快三官网 Recently HXSZ Investment 2018 Semiannual Conference has been held in Beijing, with the participation of leaders of HXSZ Investment, general managers of all subsidiaries, as well as the employees at the headquarters and in Beijing.

At the conference, Shao Chunwei, Chairman of HXSZ Investment interpreted the mission of taking root in the future city, developing top future technology and serving the future life, the vision of becoming an outstanding operator supporting the upgrading of technology finance and creating an elegant life, as well as the values of building dreams, achieving breakthrough, forging ahead and integrating for win-win. He also released the group's five-year strategic plan and unveiled its path of implementation, making clearer the goal and direction of future development.

Zang Haihong, President of HXSZ Investment announced the results of the semiannual assessment. Chen Fengyang, Board Director of HXSZ Investment shared his experience in management and self-cultivation. Zhao Xiaotao, Vice President of HXSZ Investment and President of Industrial Holding; Wu Wei, Vice President of HXSZ Investment and President of Property Holding; and Yang Yi, General Manager of Financial Holding reported their work performance in the first half of this year and their key work arrangements for the second half.

幸运快三官网 Following the conference, the group leaders and other attendees participated in an outward bound activity, to jointly portray the group blueprint.

The conference and outward bound activity strengthened team cohesion, publicized corporate culture, and motivated employees to make concerted efforts to achieve the group's strategic goal!

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