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The Group's real estate project will realize the future life enjoyment of “health + real estate + innovation” and will effectively connect with the Group's Haidian Health Management Center in Beijing to serve the healthy life of the owners. Will work with the Group's financial resources in Hong Kong and Beijing to help the owners' innovation and entrepreneurship.


Shunze Garden City of Dreams

Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Sanhe City

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HXSZ Agricultural School 2nd Rural Rejuvenation Seminar takes place

幸运快三官网On the afternoon of July 13, 2019, the 2nd Rural Rejuvenation Seminar of HXSZ Agricultural School t…



The Shunze Garden City of Sunshine Starts to Sell

幸运快三官网The chill of early winter does not stifle the enthusiasm of home buyers. The sales center of the Sh…



City of Dreams' kindergarten delivered to provide quality preschool education for Yanjiao

幸运快三官网Recently Kindergarten of Chinese Academy of Science, the auxiliary kindergarten of Shunze City of D…



Shunze City of Dreams, a place that grows more precious as time passes

幸运快三官网2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. As the house purchase restriction policy is becoming …



Governor of Longgang District, Shenzhen Inspects and Guides the Safety Management of the Nanyue Project

Dai Bin, governor of Longgang District, Shenzhen, together with leaders from related government dep…

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